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The 14 000 foot area consists of 2 principal sections: the CrossFit section (bootcamp) and the gym section. The first section is named so because it essentialy contains CrossFit equipment such as a multi-functional rack. The second section contains not only standard gym equipment, but more. We do own couples of weightlifting platform, a NeuroTracker system and a HiTrainer. It allows the client, whether it’s the athlete or the old person, the hockey player or the professional boxer, to do a complete and varied training with equipment of quality and an unique ambiance. The whole thing is surrounded by 3 big turfs, which allow an ideal surface for training with sleds and prowlers.

Our Equipement


We’ve got 2 big dumbell racks, one in each section.

Weightlifting Equipment

Bars, platform, weight plate, squat cage, we’re fully equipped.

Multi-directorial bench

We’ve got multipible bench of all size, all adjustable.


We’ve got one of the most sophisticated machine for your brain. Visit for more information.

Rower and Stationary Bicycle

We’ve got multiple rower and stationary bicycle to optimize your endurance.

Leg Machines

Legs are important in sports such as hockey. We’ve got the tools !

Twin Pulley Crossover

The traditional fully adjustable cable crossover machine.

CrossFit Cage

The bootcamp uses a multi-functional CrossFit cage for a diversified training.

Prowler and Sled

The ultimate tools for intense hockey training.


We’ve got multiple hedgerow from every size.


HiTrainer is a self sprint training software on a treadmill.


We’ve got tyres from different weight and height.